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Greetings from the Toms River Flaherty family! 

Brian is doing his usual thing by trying to fill every minute of every day.  He’s still working full-time on his staffing business.  He now can staff any kind of job including IT consulting, financial services positions, medical sales and anything else that a client may have a need in.  In addition to staffing, Brian has been trying to get his custom molding business off the ground.  With Jack’s help, they created a beautiful website at www.bcfcustommoldings.com

With both businesses, he relies heavily on word of mouth and referrals, so talk it up amongst your friends!  Basketball season has begun again…Brian is head coach this year of St. Veronica’s high school CYO league.  Games are usually on Sunday afternoons if anyone is interested in seeing Coach Red in action!  

Christina recently started working for Atlantic Physical Therapy Centers as a physical therapy aide.  This is the same company that Jim works for, but in a different office location (Freehold).  She works 3 days a week which is perfect because Shane gets to spend 2 days with “Mom-mom” a.k.a Gaby, and 1 day with Aunt Annie (Laudien).  When Christina’s not at work, she & Shane love to spend time together.  The library is a favorite spot; they have story time and a special music program each month that they never miss. 

Shane is doing really great too.  He often gets mistaken for a 3 year old because he’s so tall and speaks so well.  He says the funniest things all the time.  The other day it was very windy and he saw the traffic light blowing.  He says, “Look Mommy, the traffic light is going tick-tock!”  He loves his cars & trucks and the creativity in which he plays is astounding.  He is also beginning to enjoy playing WITH other kids versus NEXT to other kids!  His favorite is to play with Shannon & Ryan in their playroom basement.  With all the toys down there, it is a toddler’s dream!   For Halloween this year, he is a pirate and enjoys saying, “Arrrrrgh”.   

Our black lab Jackson recently got a new buddy…Sebastian the kitty cat.  Sebastian was adopted from a cherry farm in Wisconsin.  He is a beautiful orange short hair domestic cat with 24 toes!!  Yes, he’s got an extra 2 digits on each paw!   

This year we will again be hosting the Flaherty Christmas party.  It will be December 10 at 11am.  We look forward to the family coming together for this joyous time of year! 


The Flaherty Family

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