Goalkeepers Are Crazy

(Courtney:  EHT vs Cherry Hill - 2009)

Three of the best saves Courtney has made, all in one game. These shots were NOT taken by me (I was coaching from the side and facing her). 

Aerial catches / deflection saves still elude the camera (they are also less frequent) but these are pretty good.

The striker drove the ball straight into Courtney's gut, following through the kick.  Courtney smothered it and held on.

This save was just awesome.  Courtney ripped it right out of the air as it came flying off the striker's foot (and caught a cleat to the shins for her effort).  From my perspective (facing Courtney) it was even more impressive.  I wish I had video of this one.

This was a great kick save.  She beat the girl to the ball and sent it out past the advancing line.